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Mostakell  is the independent Arabic music label with the belief that quality music should be introduced to the Arab masses. Its mission is to reshape the landscape of mainstream music in the Arab World using originality and quality.


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Established as the first music booking agency in the Arab World, almoharek   is one of the key accelerators to the growth of the live segment of independent Arabic music since 2007. We represent strong original Arabic music acts, we are hardcore fans of their work, and our mission is to show their music to the world's audiences, and to keep their best interest at heart. 

 visit almoharek>> is the online magazine specialized in music reviews, critique, studies, and researches, with primary focus on Arabic music and general focus on the rest of the world. aims to become a primary reference for music in the Arab World.



awyav is a passionate first-of-a-kind publishing company based in Cairo, Egypt, working with a diverse network of original artists and professional music producers around the Arab World to answer to the needs of content makers and users, from filmmakers and advertisers to theaters to radio and TV. Its services include music consultancy, production supervision, rights administration, and a rich library of high quality independent Arabic music ready for sync.

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Simsara is a Music PR, Communications and Management agency that helps musicians, festivals, venues, music projects and organizations in the Arab world with telling their stories in more impactful ways. The agency, run by Sarah El Miniawy, advises on and delivers tailor-made media relation campaigns, strategic social media storytelling, web & newsletter editing and much else in between. 

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مـنـصّـة مـســتـقـلّـة لـلـمـوســيـقـى

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